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Halal Meat


Al Quraish Traders deploys the most advance methods of meat processing for high pressure cleaning through water(washing) , skinning, deboning, slicing & grinding of meat.


The ingredients used at Al Quraish are carefully analyzed for their freshness and are mixed in just the right amount of proportions to give our consumers the taste and aroma for the very best dining experience.

The most optimum measures are taken for retaining the nutritional value of the food so that consumers can enjoy our wholesome meals every time.

Recipe Making

Al Quraish recipes come in many variants and cater to all age groups. PK’s qualified team of chefs has given a new, spicy & flavorful taste to the traditional food items by adding Al Quraish exciting spices & flavors.

Al Quraish offers a great cooking experience to all those who crave for Beef, Mutton & Chicken recipes. PK products are prepared in a way that its tenderness, flavor, freshness and nutrients are retained even when defrosted. Moreover, the meat texture stays intact even after heating & cooking.

Lab Test

Al Quraish Traders follows strict measures for observing hygiene. In Pakistan, different advance methods of testing are deployed at the Quality Assurance Labs to prevent microbiological, chemical and physical contamination of food.

Each batch of meat, raw material & ingredients used in the process of meat preparation and recipe making & mixing are carefully monitored to remove any harmful or contaminated substances so that our ready to cook & partially cooked meat product recipes are wholesome, healthy & delicious. Moreover, the correct freezing temperatures are met to retain product freshness & taste.


Al Quraish takes pride in being the first company to bring their Ready To Cook and Partially Cooked products in Plastic Packing. The poly ethylene bags keep the Al Quraish products fresh through travel and storage, without any flavor loss or change in food texture. No other regional competitor has reached this benchmark set out by Al Quraish .